Renç Sarıdoğan

A passionate mobile application developer and product manager.


Renç Sarıdoğan

Mobile Application Developer & Product Manager


Renç's passion is to manage and develop mobile products. His contribution can be seen on many mobile projects which achieved great success, such as:

• Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum
• Bitransfer
• Doviz
• Driven
• Empower - Community Apps
• Empower - Studio
• İzlesene
• Pasaj
• Shopier
• Sinemalar

In these projects he has undertaken many tasks such as team leadership, product management and lead development for Android or/and iOS platforms.

World of mobile platforms advances every day, and the thrill of learning the new concepts creates Renç's passion about mobile platforms.


Eager to explore and learn

Open to listen and try new/different approaches

Creative in hard situations


Good sense of customer needs

  • November 2017 to Present


    Android Developer
  • May 2016 to September 2017


    Lead Mobile Application Developer
  • January 2014 to September 2017


    Product Manager & Mobile Application Developer
  • March 2015 to May 2016


    Mobile Application Developer
  • February 2015 to April 2015


  • November 2014 to January 2015

    Bilkent University

    Software Engineer
  • 2012 to 2016

    Bilkent University

    Bachelor of Computer Technology and Information Systems


    • Best Intern Award
    • Best Innovation Award
    • 3rd Ranking for Best Software System Development
  • Firebase Performance Monitoring @ Google I/O 2017

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 19 May, 2017

    Firebase Performance is an extremely effective service in terms of optimizing your apps in various ways while enabling you to monitor your app performance-wise; from client-side processes to the quality of your back-end structure.

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  • Great Minds at the Ankara Chapter of Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2017

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 30 April, 2017

    Nasa Space Apps Challenge is a 48 hour hackathon which is organized globally with the aim of addressing the challenges we face on Earth and in space.

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  • Driven by Webrazzi's perspective

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 29 December, 2016

    One week later it's publishment, Driven attracts the leading web source Webrazzi after acquiring more than 8000 unique users.

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  • Driven gets featured on App Store with it's release

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 22 December, 2016

    Driven starts being featured from Apps & Games We Love category alongside with Super Mario Run; the superstar of Apple's latest Keynote.

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  • Izlesene awarded with "Best Local Video Site" again the second year in a row

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 16 December, 2016

    Izlesene earned Compec's (formerly known as Bogazici Bilisim Odulleri) "Best Local Video Site" award again after earning the same award at 2015.

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  • Re-designed Izlesene gets featured on App Store for 2 weeks

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 17 November, 2016

    Izlesene were featured with a promotional art and were kept in the top promotional featured area of App Store spot for 2 weeks (featured on both Thursdays).

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  • Izlesene earns the "Best Video Site of the Year" award

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 25 December, 2015

    Izlesene earned the "Best Video Site of the Year" award of Bogazici Bilisim Odulleri.

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