Renç Sarıdoğan

A passionate mobile application developer and product manager.


Renç Sarıdoğan

Mobile Application Developer & Product Manager


Renç's passion is to manage and develop mobile products. His contribution can be seen on many mobile projects which achieved great success, such as:

• Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum
• Bitransfer
• Doviz
• Driven
• Empower - Community Apps
• Empower - Studio
• İzlesene
• Pasaj
• Rabobank (Rabo Bankieren)
• Shopier
• Sinemalar
• Veon

In these projects he has undertaken many tasks such as team leadership, product management, lead development and native application development for Android or/and iOS platforms.

Familiar with: CocoaPods, Dagger, Espresso, Fabric, Fastlane, Firebase, Gradle, GraphQL, Java, Jenkins, Kotlin, Mockito, Swift, ReactiveX, Realm, Retrofit, XCTest.

  • January 2019 to Present


    Senior Android Engineer
  • July 2018 to January 2019


    Senior Online Native Mobile Developer
  • November 2017 to July 2018


    Android Developer
  • May 2016 to September 2017


    Lead Mobile Application Developer
  • January 2014 to September 2017


    Product Manager & Mobile Application Developer
  • March 2015 to May 2016


    Mobile Application Developer
  • February 2015 to April 2015


  • November 2014 to January 2015

    Bilkent University

    Software Engineer
  • 2012 to 2016

    Bilkent University

    Bachelor of Computer Technology and Information Systems


    • Best Intern Award
    • Best Innovation Award
    • 3rd Ranking for Best Software System Development
  • Firebase Performance Monitoring @ Google I/O 2017

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 19 May, 2017

    Firebase Performance is an extremely effective service in terms of optimizing your apps in various ways while enabling you to monitor your app performance-wise; from client-side processes to the quality of your back-end structure.

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  • Great Minds at the Ankara Chapter of Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2017

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 30 April, 2017

    Nasa Space Apps Challenge is a 48 hour hackathon which is organized globally with the aim of addressing the challenges we face on Earth and in space.

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  • Driven by Webrazzi's perspective

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 29 December, 2016

    One week later it's publishment, Driven attracts the leading web source Webrazzi after acquiring more than 8000 unique users.

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  • Driven gets featured on App Store with it's release

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 22 December, 2016

    Driven starts being featured from Apps & Games We Love category alongside with Super Mario Run; the superstar of Apple's latest Keynote.

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  • Izlesene awarded with "Best Local Video Site" again the second year in a row

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 16 December, 2016

    Izlesene earned Compec's (formerly known as Bogazici Bilisim Odulleri) "Best Local Video Site" award again after earning the same award at 2015.

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  • Re-designed Izlesene gets featured on App Store for 2 weeks

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 17 November, 2016

    Izlesene were featured with a promotional art and were kept in the top promotional featured area of App Store spot for 2 weeks (featured on both Thursdays).

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  • Izlesene earns the "Best Video Site of the Year" award

    • Renç Sarıdoğan
    • 25 December, 2015

    Izlesene earned the "Best Video Site of the Year" award of Bogazici Bilisim Odulleri.

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